Thursday, July 30, 2009

Having a look at Arbeloa, Alonso and Mascherano...

Hello guys! Arbeloa has been sold to Real Madrid for GBP 3.5M, which isn't bad because by selling him we've made a profit of GBP 1M. So lads, what are your feelings by the sale of Alvaro? I'm sure most of you must be sad because the man was playing really well for us. He was unknown in the football world before we signed him? It's Liverpool who have made of him the fine player that he actually is. After helping him to improve his skills, Arbeloa has been selected in the Spain squad quite a number of times. He participated in the Euros and also in the Confederations Cup which was held this past June in South Africa. For him it's surely a matter of pride if Real Madrid has come for him and finally brought him to the Barnabeu. So, I wish him good continuity in his footballing career.

The worst news for today is: Alonso hands in his transfer request. The player is actually on holiday in his hometown and is due to return for training in a few days. Benitez previously said that he wanted everything to be sorted out prior to that. So here we are. Alonso wants his way out of the club that has undoubtedly helped him become one of the finest long range passers in today's football. Real Madrid are set to pay around 28M pounds for Alonso. I for one am really sad that a player of such calibre is leaving us. The key isn't buying better than him but it is finding someone who can perfectly replace him. Can money buy that for Liverpool? We'll see in the coming days before the transfer window closes. Click here to read the full Alonso report.

I just wish that Mascherano too doesn't hands his transfer request. We'll be doomed if he also leaves our midfield. I know he has personal problems. I just hope that all his problems are sorted out so that he can concentrate on giving his best for Liverpool FC. We all need to accept that it's Liverpool who have shed the light on Mascherano's career. Liverpool have unearthed him from the West Ham reserve bench and given him the opportunity to demonstrate his talent. The result is there to be seen. There's a reason why he was selected by Maradona to become the captain of the Argentina national squad. So why leave such a club when other solutions to solve problems exist? Money might be the biggest influencing factor in that...

So fellow Liverpool supporters I need your views...Your comments will greatly help...See you soon. Take care.

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