Thursday, July 30, 2009

Having a look at Arbeloa, Alonso and Mascherano...

Hello guys! Arbeloa has been sold to Real Madrid for GBP 3.5M, which isn't bad because by selling him we've made a profit of GBP 1M. So lads, what are your feelings by the sale of Alvaro? I'm sure most of you must be sad because the man was playing really well for us. He was unknown in the football world before we signed him? It's Liverpool who have made of him the fine player that he actually is. After helping him to improve his skills, Arbeloa has been selected in the Spain squad quite a number of times. He participated in the Euros and also in the Confederations Cup which was held this past June in South Africa. For him it's surely a matter of pride if Real Madrid has come for him and finally brought him to the Barnabeu. So, I wish him good continuity in his footballing career.

The worst news for today is: Alonso hands in his transfer request. The player is actually on holiday in his hometown and is due to return for training in a few days. Benitez previously said that he wanted everything to be sorted out prior to that. So here we are. Alonso wants his way out of the club that has undoubtedly helped him become one of the finest long range passers in today's football. Real Madrid are set to pay around 28M pounds for Alonso. I for one am really sad that a player of such calibre is leaving us. The key isn't buying better than him but it is finding someone who can perfectly replace him. Can money buy that for Liverpool? We'll see in the coming days before the transfer window closes. Click here to read the full Alonso report.

I just wish that Mascherano too doesn't hands his transfer request. We'll be doomed if he also leaves our midfield. I know he has personal problems. I just hope that all his problems are sorted out so that he can concentrate on giving his best for Liverpool FC. We all need to accept that it's Liverpool who have shed the light on Mascherano's career. Liverpool have unearthed him from the West Ham reserve bench and given him the opportunity to demonstrate his talent. The result is there to be seen. There's a reason why he was selected by Maradona to become the captain of the Argentina national squad. So why leave such a club when other solutions to solve problems exist? Money might be the biggest influencing factor in that...

So fellow Liverpool supporters I need your views...Your comments will greatly help...See you soon. Take care.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Reserve to watch - Daniel Ayala

Hi guys! As you all know we have promising youngsters in our reserves squad. One among the many kids is Daniel Ayala. I am pretty sure most of you have heard about him because his talents have not gone unseen in the reserves ranks. Let's know a bit more about him.

Daniel Sanchez Ayala, is a 6'3 Defender born on 07/11/1990 in Seville. Daniel Ayala was bought by Rafael Benitez at the start of the 2007/08 campaign from Seville. Liverpool scouts once again showed their worth as they scanned Spain for yet another promising young talent. Daniel Ayala played for Seville for seven years.

When Liverpool came for him the boy didn't hesitate a minute to say yes to the offer. Although he didn't know much about the city of Liverpool, he knew about Liverpool's past triumphs. The history of Liverpool FC speaks for itself and this explains why players want to join this great club.

During the 2007/08 campaign, Ayala helped the Liverpool Reserves to clinch the title. The lad has also trained with the Spanish U17 squad which re-affirms his talent.

So, what do you think fellow LFC fans? Could Ayala be the world class defender everyone will talk about? Let me know your views and thoughts.

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Monday, July 27, 2009

Krisztian Nemeth, the name of a rising star

Yesterday saw Liverpool thrill with a 5-0 win over Singapore, a score largely due to our finest players. Among them there's a lad known as Krisztian Nemeth who made no mistake to make his presence felt as he scored a brace. He has undoubtedly won the heart of many reds and especially the boss, who keeps a close eye on everyone. He was qualified by Benitez afterwards as a 'great finisher'. Let's dig deeper and get to know Nemeth.

Well, Nemeth is a 5'10 striker born on 05/01/1989 in Gyor, Hungary. He formerly played for MTK Hungaria FC and Blackpool and is currently the most talked about player in the Liverpool FC Reserves squad. In the year 2007, Liverpool signed Nemeth on a three year deal as well as his compatriot Andras Simon from MTK Hungaria. Liverpool's scouts spotted Nemeth during the UEFA U17 championships where the boy impressed. The move was quick because it was clear that the guy would turn out to be a gem later on.

Liverpool were right to sign Nemeth - the Hungarian striker immediately started to build a reputation in the Liverpool ranks as his second match saw him score a brace against Man City. Again he would make no mistake showing his class a week later vs Everton as he finished the match with a couple of goals beside his name. All Liverpool supporters were starting to talk about him. In all, Nemeth hit the back of the net 9 times as he helped Liverpool Reserves clinch the national title at Anfield against Aston Villa in May 2008.

Afterwards in the same month Nemeth again proved his worth by scoring an important goal which helped Hungary beat Portugal to attain the European U19 Championships. His charm would even touch the coach of the national Hungary team as he handed him his first International cap. Injuries slowed him down a bit. He was loaned to Blackpool during the 2008/09 season and his very first appearance saw him with a broken cheekbone. He was forced to return to Melwood earlier than expected due to that.

To this date, Nemeth has never backed down and he proved it yesterday when he scored twice to help Liverpool lift that trophy. So, what do you think of the Hungarian hotshot? Do you see him capable of breaking into the first team and score plenty? Your views are welcome!

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Thursday, July 23, 2009

This has been a tough week for Liverpool FC

My dear readers here I am again. Yesterday i couldn't post because I was damn stuck with work. Even today I am in the same state but I needed to find a way to get freed because I thought you might be waiting for fresh news. By the way how can I forget about Liverpool FC? Here we are with the same old news growing day by day about the Alonso saga. Some speculate Real has made a fresh offer which Benitez might accept while fresh news just suggest that there would be no Real deal for Alonso. Check it out here: No Real Deal for Alonso

So, Liverpool have slumped to another draw. Sincerely after those 2 matches without positive results, I thought Liverpool are gonna win this one. Are we going to stick with our same old habits? Draw games wouldn't help us at all this coming season. As I've said so many times, we need to be almost perfect this season. Man City have strengthened their squad and Chelsea have done the same. On the other hand, Man U still have money from the Ronaldo sale which they can use to buy any top class player. I really expected Liverpool to win. Didn't you fellow reds? Would you be able to bear another trophyless season?

The positive to be taken from yesterday's match against Thailand was Babel's goal. In my previous post I outlined how Rafa said that the man has improved. His goal explains everything. I look forward to see Babel do a great season, score a lot of goals and play an important part in Liverpool's title challenge. Other positives concern our reserves, especially Jay Spearing who says he wants to give his all so that Rafa sees him worthy of first team selection. See the full article here

Elsewhere is Gerrard's bar row which is making most of the headlines. Our super captain says he hit the man to defend himself and also refuses to accept that he was out of control. Click here to read the full story. On the other hand, Rafa, as much as he likes Gerrard insists that the captain has the full support of the club. Yes, this is how we are at Liverpool FC, aren't we? Check out what Rafa said here. Moreover, Skrtl and El Zhar both have been injured and are due to fly back to the UK for treatment. This ain't good news guys.

Now guys, let's sit back and wait to see what happens next. Let's hope for at least a win or two in these pre-season friendlies. Share your views and leave some comments.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Thoughts about what's happening at Liverpool FC

Everything seems pretty calm today in the transfer market as far as Liverpool FC are concerned. There are no emerging news regarding the Alonso saga. I found some news which said that Barcelona have renewed their interests in signing Mascherano. Well, both players are there in Bangkok training hard for the start of the season which will see Liverpool play away to a tough Spurs side. Remember, we lost there in the past season despite our dominating display. That was a really unlucky match for us, but this time we need to keep everything almost perfect if we want to land the PL title after 19 years.

Seen how close we came in the gone season, it's there in the heads of many that Liverpool have become the team to beat. Most of our displays were magnificent, especially the win at Old Trafford, which, has undoubtedly gone down in the history books.

Today I read about how Rafa has been impressed by Babel after his displays in the couple of friendly matches we've already played. Rafa says that Babel wants to fight for his place in the Liverpool FC squad and his form has been really good since the friendlies have begun. I for one am really happy that Rafa has given Babel the chance to improve, because he is a very talented player with lots of speed in the legs!

Gerrard attended a trial in court yesterday due to the bar row he was involved in. It is being said that Stevie hit the man with the speed of a boxer. Now that's unbelievable. Gerrard was caught on CCTV doing so. It's not a good projection of the Liverpool image. Click here to read in full about the bar row.

So, let's hope Gerrad is forgiven for his mistake as that can heavily affect his career. Moreover, I think one more signing will be good for us if those Americans still have spending power!!

Monday, July 20, 2009

It's mindblowing when you follow Liverpool FC- latest news and reviews...

Hi fellow readers! I will start with the pre-season friendlies before talking about other issues. Well it's disappointing to see a Liverpool loss vs Rapid Vienna but there might be many positives to take out from this match. The young lads were thrown on the pitch and they made no mistake to show the crowd their skills. Daniel Ayala, Dani Pacheco, Nemeth and Spearing all impressed during the match. Here's what Rafa had to say:

"I don't like to talk too much about individuals but both players (Ayala and Pachecho) were doing well," said the boss.

"They're both young and when they come with the first team you always want to see something different. I am pleased for them and also with Jay Spearing because he played as a left full-back as we have some problems in this position at this moment."

Benitez added: "The other positives were to play a lot of players we wanted to play - it is all part of our preparations. We needed match fitness and we changed the majority of the players after 45 minutes - that was the idea.

"In terms of what we wanted from the game, only the result was wrong."

This could possibly mean that in a couple of years, if not this year, we can see these players transform into regular first teamers.

Now, another news which has crossed almost every sports website and news feed is the possible departure of Xabi Alonso to Real Madrid. It is clear that the player is flattered because it's not everyday that Real Madrid come for you. Alonso is a really good professional. See what he had to say when questioned about the Real Madrid affair:

“It is always a great feeling when Madrid want you, especially considering the phase of the career I am in now,” Alonso told a Spanish news agency last night. “But at this point, whether or not that can happen is not up to me. It’s a matter that involves three parties, including myself. I do not like to force the issue. I prefer to talk.

“Madrid’s project is certainly impressive. But beyond that, I cannot tell you anything else.”

Alonso, who was with the Reds in Austria yesterday, added: “I will talk to him (Rafa Benitez), sure, but I imagine that in the next few days, there will be time for all that, even though in reality, there is nothing in particular to talk to Rafa about. It’s the clubs who have to negotiate to reach an agreement.

“The truth is that I cannot say much, because every little thing can be misinterpreted. And I do not know how things will turn out either because I am not a fortune teller.”

Furthermore Rafa and Liverpool crew have landed in Bangkok to continue their preparations for the first match of the PL. Liverpool play their first match away to Tottenham and it is therefore crucial to be well prepared to kick off the PL campaign in style. Liverpool cannot afford to lose or draw this match because it's important to remember that other teams such as Chelsea and Man City have further strengthened their squad.

Rafa, Babel and Carra sat for the first press conference and they were given a warm welcome. But it was not long before the Alonso saga was again slammed on the table. Read what Rafa had to say:

"He is here with us and he will be available for the games," said Benitez. "The Spanish players and Dossena and Mascherano arrived back late because of the Confederations Cup and internationals, so they will probably not play as much as the other players."

"But are you planning to talk to him about the transfer speculation?" quizzed one local journalist. Benitez, though, familiar with not answering questions he doesn't want to, replied: "He is here with us this week, he can enjoy the games, the weather and the journalists."

Well, let's first and foremost hope that Xabi stays. In case he wants to leave let's wish this could be sorted out quickly so that Rafa can use the money to buy a high calibre replacement. We'll have to wait an see what happens during this week or the other.

Stay tuned as I will be bringing further updates right at your fingertips. Until then have a nice time. Cheers!

Sources: (Rafa on young players and press conference in Bangkok) and (Alonso response)

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Now is really crazy season!

I will begin with Liverpool's match in Switzerland against St Gallen. Well, that match ended in a 0-0 draw. It seems to me that there are still rusty legs in the squad. Moreover, our Spanish heroes are still enjoying their well deserved holidays, especially after a tiresome 2 weeks in South Africa. So, a draw seems a fair result! Yesterday saw Glen Johnson make his debut, which Rafa described as impressive. It really looks like the guy is worth the deal. I'm dying to see him make these long runs and ping the ball inside the penalty area for Torres!

Now, let's talk a bit about the Alonso saga. It has been reported by many sources that Real Madrid have postponed their final bid for 10 days. They must be hoping that Liverpool will decrease their asking price. Other news suggest that the Spanish side are ready to offload some of their players to Liverpool as part of the Alonso deal. Are they so desperate to acquire Alonso? It's Liverpool who have made him of what he is as the moment. I do not disregard all his personal efforts in becoming the actual world class midfielder. I for one am really starting to get really confused about this saga and all the stories that are cropping up in the media everyday.

Further news report that Liverpool have tabled a 15M pounds bid for AS Roma midfielder Aquilani. Only moments afterwards sources started to claim that the player's agent has declined this move stating that the player is happy with his club and would not consider any moves.

Well, well, well, this is just crazy season after the real season starts. No matter what football is the best entertainment ever and Liverpool for me are the biggest club ever. So, let's believe we can do it this year and we come back kicking the ball with a spine made of similar players as the past season.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Liverpool's best signing would be to keep both Alonso and Mascherano

Before every brand new season kicks off, transfer season makes most of the headlines with players rumoured to move everywhere. Whilst I literally do not care about other football clubs apart from Liverpool FC, it makes me laugh when clubs such as Real Madrid inflate the transfer market on the go. 80M Pounds for Cristiano Ronaldo, 60M pounds for Kaka and 40M pounds for Karim Benzema.

This makes around 200M pounds spent just on buying 3 players. After this type of silly money expenditure other clubs suffer. Football, a lucrative business as it is, has become the dynasty of billionaires and other money making or born rich giants. So, the big question is: how will Liverpool match the increasing asking price for players in the future if the Americans do not provide the funds? One cannot expect player valuation to go down a couple of years afterwards, if not next year. We'll see...

Now, let's get back to the Alonso saga. It seems to me that this saga is nearing to an end with Real Madrid reportedly succumbing to Liverpool's asking price. Alonso however has to publicy admit that he wants to leave Liverpool for the Spanish team which will then convince Rafa to release him. Liverpool FC will bag over 30M pounds from the Alonso sale and fresh news suggest that Rafa might return to Valencia for another bid on David Silva. There are also so many players whom Rafa, as reported, could pinpoint as replacement for Alonso. Names such as Javi Martinez of Athletico Bilbao and Esteban Cambiasso of Inter Milan are cropping up.

On the other hand, Rafa has told Mascherano that he will have to commit himself to the club, especially after having been offered a pay rise. I for one am pretty sure that if Alonso goes, Masch will have to stay at Anfield. It would be a major blow if our club loses both of its high calibre midfielders. Interested buyers will, in this situation, have to match Liverpool's asking price which will be of course very high, as per the market evolution.

The best scenario, for me and surely for all Liverpool supporters would be the long term commitment of both Masch and Alonso to the club. Can this happen? I certainly do not rule out this possibility. Liverpool are one of the best football clubs in the world. Liverpool are not rich but they are more than just a football club....

Today our first pre-season friendly kick-off as we play St Gallen. Many of our young lads would play their trade today and try to impress the boss that they are worthy of first team action. I would really like to see more of Danny Pacheco, Jay Spearing and Krisztian Nemeth in the coming season. Hope they do well...

See: Glen Johnson, our latest addition

Monday, July 13, 2009

Good news and bad news, it's time to follow the headlines carefully

This week once again carries some good news and some bad news as well. Bad news weigh more than good ones and it's time to worry. Alonso has finally came out and said aloud that he wants to leave Liverpool for Real Madrid. Madrid have as reported by many sources decreased their bidding price by 3M pounds. Rafa has been very clear when he has said that he doesn't want the player to go for silly money. That said Liverpool want in the region of 35M pounds for Alonso otherwise they are not going to sell. I don't know what rift there has been between the player and the manager. It's clear that if Alonso leaves, Liverpool are going to be affected by that.

The ex Real Zaragoza man was unknown by the football world before Rafa brought him into the light and allowed him to re-discover himself. I find it unfair that the man wants to repay the club and all those behind his success in this manner. Anyway we'll see what the next few weeks reveal about Alonso's future.

On the other hand, Liverpool have offered new contracts to duo Jay Spearing and Stephen Darby. The lads say they are delighted to stay. Both have impressed during their time in the reserves and now look forward to play a crucial part in Liverpool's success. Hopefully we'll see them grow into gems, and be proud of our homegrown players.

Another positive sign is Liverpool are willing to treble Mascherano's wages in an attempt to pursuade the player for a longer Anfield stay. It was reported that Mascherano's reason for wanting to leave LFC has been his wife who does not want to return from Argentina as she cannot adapt to the Liverpool lifestyle. She must however not forget that Liverpool have been strongly responsible for the riches she's nowadays enjoying. Most people earn in 10 years what Mascherano earns in a week!

Rafa has moreover declared that he will not make any big money signing, so, we might need to forget the likes of Ribery banging the ball in the opposing net next season! Let's have faith in Rafa. He's done what he has said when he joined Liverpool: Make the club challenge for the PL in 5 years' time. In my opinion he's done more than that. Who will ever forget Istanbul and the FA Cup final? This week pre-season friendlies kick off. So let's keep an eye on our promising youth as well as our regulars.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Glen Johnson, our latest addition....

Glen Johnson, who was voted the best RB of the season by the PFA is the latest addition to our squad. With 18 Million pounds spent on the lad, Rafa does not regret one bit to have recruited the man because he cannot be more accurate when he says English players carry a high price tag. Very versatile in his style of play, he possesses the speed and ability to break defences and provide that killer ball. This will indeed sharpen our attack spearhead and at the same time boost our defensive order. That said, Glen Johnson will act as a double sided spear, hence a very tactical buy by Rafa. Johnson was always coming to Liverpool even though Chelsea offered the same price for the player before agreement was done with Liverpool.

Yesterday was Johnson's first training day at Melwood. Today he speaks about how he feels about his Anfield move and what were his motivations. Here's what he had to say:

"I had a spell at Chelsea before and there were good and bad times but when a club like Liverpool comes in for you it is not a hard decision," Johnson told

"It's a fantastic club - one of the biggest in the world. It's got a great history and I wanted to be a part of that.

"The hairs on the back of your neck stand up when you come to Anfield and hear You'll Never Walk Alone even when you don't play for Liverpool, so I cannot begin to imagine how it is going to feel when I put the kit on for the first time."

Johnson will be unveiled to the world's media on Thursday afternoon where he will reveal how his top priority in a Liverpool shirt will be helping the club win a first league title since 1990.

"We've got some fantastic players and I wanted to come here and help Liverpool win the league," added the 24-year-old.

"The boys did fantastically well last year. Hopefully we can now get a few more points and steal it from Manchester United.

"We want to go as far as we can in every competition but all the lads want to win the Premier League and that would be a great start."

"I can definitely improve - every player can. I want to improve every aspect of my game," he said.

"Rafa has told me he wants more of the same form I showed last year, but he also wants me to improve. We will be working hard together to do that.

"I am here to do my best."

"Yesterday was my first day and all the lads and staff made me feel really welcome, so it's good times," he said.

"I knew Stevie and Carra from before but yesterday I met about 60 players! I was shaking the same hands about four times introducing myself! It's a lot to take in at once, and obviously the lads were messing about and laughing about that. But everyone's made me feel really welcome and it's great to be here."

"Peter and Jermaine said it's a fantastic club but they didn't need to say that - I knew. They told me I'd enjoy every minute of it," he said.

Seems to be a fairly good person from what he's said about our club. Now let's wait and see how his presence influences the fluidity of our game. Hopefully, his displays will yield more goals and we would be able to turn those draws into wins. Another quality addition to our squad is however expected.

(Interview Source:

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A brand new season is about to begin.....

First of all, many apologies for having been absent for so long. Due to personal reasons I have been unable to update this blog. By now, my blog would have been really stuffed up with many interesting posts, especially after the brilliant yet slightly disappointing season (because we've been 2nd and drawn too much) we've had. Now things have hopefully kicked off once again for me, so I will be around with updates frequently.

The reality is that time flies by so quickly that you don't quite realise it. I mean, we are already on the transfer season, players have just returned to melwood for training, pre-season friendlies will be starting imminently, Rafa has offered the chance to some of the youngsters in the resereves to show their all, we are just in the threshold of another brand new season.

However, I am really disappointed by the fact that more and more news are cropping up signalling Mascherano's intent to quit Liverpool. Is this just speculation or does the guy really want to move on? I just hope it's only speculation but again news of his possible departure have stemmed from trusted sources which means there might be some truth. When Mascherano was playing for West Ham, clubs barely knew him. Therefore, it's Liverpool and Benitez who've made of Mascherano what he is at the moment, a world class holding midfielder. I just hope he isn't lured by money because it would be an immense loss for Liverpool FC.

Alonso's move away from Liverpool has furthermore been mentioned a lot in the media. As far as i know, the latest news upcoming is Liverpool have priced out Real Madrid's bid for the player. At least this is a positive sign. Promising young lads such as Mavinga and Fernandez have been added to the squad. Add them up to some very talented guys in the reserves team and we could have some very good players kicking the ball at Anfield in a few years' time.

I am worried by the fact that we might lack financial support to cope with the coming years. The footballing world is becoming more and more competitive and players have become too costly. This is set to rise in the coming years. Frankly, it has been a mistake to let those Americans buy the club. They've made too many false promises. The construction of the new stadium has been delayed more than a couple of times. A bigger stadium would have considerably increased Liverpool's revenue, given that we've made around 100M in profits past season, in spite of our low capacity stadium.

Well, let's hope for the best to happen to this football club, which, I am sure, for myself and many other Liverpool fans, is like a religion. This season will be massive for us, seen how close we've come last season. This has indeed sent a warning signal: Liverpool have become the team to beat. So let's believe we can bring the title home this season.