Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Thoughts about what's happening at Liverpool FC

Everything seems pretty calm today in the transfer market as far as Liverpool FC are concerned. There are no emerging news regarding the Alonso saga. I found some news which said that Barcelona have renewed their interests in signing Mascherano. Well, both players are there in Bangkok training hard for the start of the season which will see Liverpool play away to a tough Spurs side. Remember, we lost there in the past season despite our dominating display. That was a really unlucky match for us, but this time we need to keep everything almost perfect if we want to land the PL title after 19 years.

Seen how close we came in the gone season, it's there in the heads of many that Liverpool have become the team to beat. Most of our displays were magnificent, especially the win at Old Trafford, which, has undoubtedly gone down in the history books.

Today I read about how Rafa has been impressed by Babel after his displays in the couple of friendly matches we've already played. Rafa says that Babel wants to fight for his place in the Liverpool FC squad and his form has been really good since the friendlies have begun. I for one am really happy that Rafa has given Babel the chance to improve, because he is a very talented player with lots of speed in the legs!

Gerrard attended a trial in court yesterday due to the bar row he was involved in. It is being said that Stevie hit the man with the speed of a boxer. Now that's unbelievable. Gerrard was caught on CCTV doing so. It's not a good projection of the Liverpool image. Click here to read in full about the bar row.

So, let's hope Gerrad is forgiven for his mistake as that can heavily affect his career. Moreover, I think one more signing will be good for us if those Americans still have spending power!!

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