Thursday, July 23, 2009

This has been a tough week for Liverpool FC

My dear readers here I am again. Yesterday i couldn't post because I was damn stuck with work. Even today I am in the same state but I needed to find a way to get freed because I thought you might be waiting for fresh news. By the way how can I forget about Liverpool FC? Here we are with the same old news growing day by day about the Alonso saga. Some speculate Real has made a fresh offer which Benitez might accept while fresh news just suggest that there would be no Real deal for Alonso. Check it out here: No Real Deal for Alonso

So, Liverpool have slumped to another draw. Sincerely after those 2 matches without positive results, I thought Liverpool are gonna win this one. Are we going to stick with our same old habits? Draw games wouldn't help us at all this coming season. As I've said so many times, we need to be almost perfect this season. Man City have strengthened their squad and Chelsea have done the same. On the other hand, Man U still have money from the Ronaldo sale which they can use to buy any top class player. I really expected Liverpool to win. Didn't you fellow reds? Would you be able to bear another trophyless season?

The positive to be taken from yesterday's match against Thailand was Babel's goal. In my previous post I outlined how Rafa said that the man has improved. His goal explains everything. I look forward to see Babel do a great season, score a lot of goals and play an important part in Liverpool's title challenge. Other positives concern our reserves, especially Jay Spearing who says he wants to give his all so that Rafa sees him worthy of first team selection. See the full article here

Elsewhere is Gerrard's bar row which is making most of the headlines. Our super captain says he hit the man to defend himself and also refuses to accept that he was out of control. Click here to read the full story. On the other hand, Rafa, as much as he likes Gerrard insists that the captain has the full support of the club. Yes, this is how we are at Liverpool FC, aren't we? Check out what Rafa said here. Moreover, Skrtl and El Zhar both have been injured and are due to fly back to the UK for treatment. This ain't good news guys.

Now guys, let's sit back and wait to see what happens next. Let's hope for at least a win or two in these pre-season friendlies. Share your views and leave some comments.

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