Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A brand new season is about to begin.....

First of all, many apologies for having been absent for so long. Due to personal reasons I have been unable to update this blog. By now, my blog would have been really stuffed up with many interesting posts, especially after the brilliant yet slightly disappointing season (because we've been 2nd and drawn too much) we've had. Now things have hopefully kicked off once again for me, so I will be around with updates frequently.

The reality is that time flies by so quickly that you don't quite realise it. I mean, we are already on the transfer season, players have just returned to melwood for training, pre-season friendlies will be starting imminently, Rafa has offered the chance to some of the youngsters in the resereves to show their all, we are just in the threshold of another brand new season.

However, I am really disappointed by the fact that more and more news are cropping up signalling Mascherano's intent to quit Liverpool. Is this just speculation or does the guy really want to move on? I just hope it's only speculation but again news of his possible departure have stemmed from trusted sources which means there might be some truth. When Mascherano was playing for West Ham, clubs barely knew him. Therefore, it's Liverpool and Benitez who've made of Mascherano what he is at the moment, a world class holding midfielder. I just hope he isn't lured by money because it would be an immense loss for Liverpool FC.

Alonso's move away from Liverpool has furthermore been mentioned a lot in the media. As far as i know, the latest news upcoming is Liverpool have priced out Real Madrid's bid for the player. At least this is a positive sign. Promising young lads such as Mavinga and Fernandez have been added to the squad. Add them up to some very talented guys in the reserves team and we could have some very good players kicking the ball at Anfield in a few years' time.

I am worried by the fact that we might lack financial support to cope with the coming years. The footballing world is becoming more and more competitive and players have become too costly. This is set to rise in the coming years. Frankly, it has been a mistake to let those Americans buy the club. They've made too many false promises. The construction of the new stadium has been delayed more than a couple of times. A bigger stadium would have considerably increased Liverpool's revenue, given that we've made around 100M in profits past season, in spite of our low capacity stadium.

Well, let's hope for the best to happen to this football club, which, I am sure, for myself and many other Liverpool fans, is like a religion. This season will be massive for us, seen how close we've come last season. This has indeed sent a warning signal: Liverpool have become the team to beat. So let's believe we can bring the title home this season.


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