Thursday, August 27, 2009

Liverpool are still in the title race...

Well, as days passed after our defeat, I started to believe once again. Liverpool are still in the title challenge. Last season Man U lost 5 matches and still managed to win the PL. We've lost 2 matches now. It's true we are still in the race for the holy grail but we've definitely closed down the rooms for mistake. From now on if we manage to win 30 matches, we could look forward to be the champions at the end of the season. I'm ready to bet that it's each and every Liverpool supporter's dream to see Liverpool lift the Premier League. I'm also sure that most of us started this new campaign with Liverpool with great hopes. Let's stick with the team through thick and thin.

I'm pretty confident we can win the match at Bolton. Yesterday the draws for the CL took place and we got a rather difficult group. On the other hand, Man U obtained an easier group. That said, their qualification for the later stages of the CL isn't assured because in football you never know what can happen. We play our first match at Anfield on September 16th against that Hungarian team (I don't quite remember the name!). Then we'll move to Italy to play Fiorentina. I believe that Rafa can draw out the exact starting line-up (excluding Lucas) for every matches we have to play in the CL. Hence, we have a good chance there, but again, who knows!

So, we have a problem in our defence at the moment. How do we address that? Rafa has secured the Greek giant Sotiris Kyrgiakos's services. He will undeniably be able to take out the high balls and defend dangerous set pieces. I just want to see him play at Bolton to have an idea about the type of player he is. Now, i wonder why do we rarely score on free kicks and corners? Scoring on these occasions can really win us some crucial matches. Let's assume we score on the breach of half-time on a corner. The opponent is devastated before going into the dressing room. Their morale isn't the same. Hence Rafa needs to start teaching and encouraging the team to score goals on set pieces.

Next match up for us in the PL is Bolton at the Reebok stadium. I am sure we will put up a great performance tomorrow and hopefully win by more than a couple of goals. Liverpool are still a top side, so let's believe we can make it...

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The loss at Anfield after 2 years hasn't been an easy one to digest

Hello guys. I've been busy so I couldn't update just after the happenings of this past week. Well, surely Liverpool's first loss at Anfield after 2 years vs Aston Villa must have overshadowed the 4-0 Stoke devastation. I've been analysing the goals we've conceded since the start of the season. Most of you must have done the same too. We've conceded goals from free-kicks, corners and a penalty. What does this mean? In my point of view other teams have found the way to break us up. They get this foul near the edge of the penalty area and then manage to score. Here we are, we've conceded 3 goals in such situations and we've lost two out of our three opening matches. Three matches gone and three points in the bag. For me it's really devastating for a Liverpool supporter and for the club as well.

I wonder why we have a player like Lucas in our ranks. I simply don't understand what the Liverpool scouts saw in the guy to decide to bring him at Liverpool FC. I bet that Jay Spearing can do a better job than him on the pitch. I also don't comprehend why Rafa always puts him on the starting line-up. My logic doesn't permit me to believe that Rafa cannot see his mistakes on the pitch. Against Villa his performance was dreadful. I saw how me miss Xabi and his long range passes. His presence in Liverpool's midfield was something crucial. His strength, shots and ability will always be missed in the Liverpool squad. Let's not forget about Aquilani. The lad is injured at the moment. We will need to see the change he brings to Liverpool's midfield when he kicks his first ball.

However, I got a real feel good factor whenever I saw Glen Johnson touch the ball, control it, dribble and cross it. In fact, for me he was Liverpool's best player vs Aston Villa. Rafa has indeed done a great job by seizing the man from Portsmouth. From what I've seen, we have a big problem in the midfield with Lucas and at the back. Hopefully our new signing, Kyrgiakos would help resolve the issue of defending high balls at the back. As for the midfield, I am unable to figure out what needs to be done to get it running smoothly. I trust Rafa and the solution he might find out to get things running once more.

As a Liverpool fan I am a bit disappointed by the current Liverpool display. Before the season started I had great hopes that this could be our year. We must not forget how we came close to the holy grail last season. We lost only two matches during the last campaign. This time round it has only taken 3 matches for us to lose 2. I remember this saying but I forgot who said it. Here goes: You cannot win the league in 2 or 3 matches but you can certainly lose it. I am sure we will miss these points we've lost after half of this league is played.

That said, I do not know if Liverpool have the chance to win the PL this season. We will need to see at least 5 more performances to get an idea if Liverpool are improving or not. We certainly cannot drop more points. So, let's sit back and see the events unfold...

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Liverpool FC vs Tottenham and some thoughts about this wonderful club called Liverpool FC...

Hello my dear readers! I was all beaten up on Saturday after having witnessed our first loss of the season. It's only the first match of the campaign and this loss is not too serious but i can't help but feel that this loss will affect our ranking though we might win loads of matches afterwards. Not to forget that other teams will lose or draw matches. This will eventually give Liverpool FC the room to approach its target if the team capitalises on others' mistakes. Last season Liverpool's first loss of the season came in November. Guess which team beat Liverpool....yes you are right it was Tottenham. Last time round Liverpool devastated Tottenham at White Hart Lane but succumbed to an unlucky loss. But this time round it was a different story.

Tottenham were playing good football and passing the ball around well. Keane tried to score but a fantastic Reina denied him almost every time until that unstoppable Ekotto shot flew past him. I don't understand why Liverpool always wait to be a goal down to start playing football. Can any of you enlighten me on this? Immediately after being a goal down Liverpool started to attack Tottenham. We even came close to scoring a goal. Let's note that both of the goals we've conceded have come from free kicks, an issue which has stayed unresolved since last season. Remember Arsenal and Chelsea last season? Now the bad news is that we lack defensive cover as Skrtl is reported to be out for at least 2 weeks with a cracked jaw. Agger is still out with his back injury. This leaves us with just Daniel Ayala to play in central midfield.

We all need to accept that the guy is still very young and will need lots of courage to be 100%. It's not too easy playing alongside Carragher. Any Liverpool defender will be able to tell you that. The man himself had once affirmed that at the back it's he who controls his defenders and always keeps talking and giving orders. Carra is a tough man and a really good professional and player as well. The way he gives everything for Liverpool speaks for itself. So, we'll see in the coming days who Rafa chooses to play at CB.

Moreover, reports are coming since this morning saying that the owners have told Rafa that only 1.5M pounds will be available to him. How come these Americans are called billionaires? They've undoubtedly thrown dust on everyone's eyes when they bought Liverpool. At that time I was so thrilled because I thought we would finally be able to compete with the likes of Chelsea and Man U in the transfer market. I thought we would get a brand new stadium in the coming years. I thought these Americans would exceed our expectations. HUH! Here we are, with nothing. Rafa needs to sell players to gather the fund to buy other players. It's a shame on these so called businessmen. They need to leave our prestigious Liverpool FC because they simply don't understand the value this club holds for many people around the globe. To understand a Red you need to be a Red, which they undoubtedly aren't. We really need to get another buyer.

So people, all of you might be having the same feeling as me as we've not kicked off our campaign well. Let's believe we can get onto a winning trend. I really hope we've not turned our draw habits into loss ones!! Don't get me wrong. I've been a die hard LFC fan for many many years and my only dream is to see Liverpool lift the Premier League title.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Gerrard's injury, concern over Torres' form and Daniel Pacheco- 3 more years signed for Liverpool FC

Hi guys! How are you all doing, especially after Gerrard's and Torres' injury. Gerrard is currently suffering from a groin injury and is set to miss the friendly against the Dutch tonight. Torres, although his minor ankle injury has been called for International duty for Spain. Rafa is worried about his player's fitness and hopes the man comes back fit for duty.

Sunday sees the 2009/10 PL season kick off and Liverpool will once again play their first match away from home vs Tottenham Hotspurs. This promises to be an entertaining match and also a tough one for Liverpool due to the number of players currently injured. I say give Daniel Pacheco a chance and let the lad show his talent. I believe he has the potential to become a world class player.

I was watching a video of the man and I was like WOW! What a wonderful player we have in Daniel Pacheco. Check out his video here. Well, I hope the lad makes a name for himself in the Liverpool ranks and I sincerely believe he can do that. He has the qualities to be a world class player. In my opinion he just needs more strength. The best news is that the Pacheco has just signed for 3 more years at Liverpool FC, which brings us to think that Rafa believes in the boy.

Let's see what happens fellow reds. Let's relax and wait for the Spurs match on Sunday.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Liverpool FC- the powerhouse of unfolding events!

My dear readers, here I am again. It's been quite some time since I've dropped a few words here. Let me begin with yet another Liverpool defeat. So, we've lost again. I was quite sure Torres' former team would beat us. Was there any positives to take out from this match? Probably Lucas's late goal. Is this a sign that the man is improving as a player? Remains to be seen when the PL kicks off on Sunday. Apart from that I do not see how Liverpool could have beaten Atletico Madrid especially after both Carra and El Nino limped of the field due to ankle injuries. Liverpool's injured list has now increased with El Zhar, Skrtl, Agger, Carra, Riera and Torres all found on that damn list.

Rafa was very positive when asked about the injury update concerning both players. He said the injuries were minor and both players could be fit for the Spurs match during the weekend. The decision to take out Torres had been taken with a view not to risk the player because he needs to be fit on Sunday. As for Carra, I am sure he'll make it to the starting line-up as he is 'Mr Liverpool' and a very tough man.

Liverpool's latest signing, Alberto Aquilani has been hailed by Capello as a great acquisition by Liverpool. Alberto is quicker on the ball than Alonso and if he remains fit, could quickly become a true fans favourite. Aquilani will be in playing form in about 4-8 weeks. Until then dear Reds, let's have some patience because I know we all want to see him in the Red shirt playing some world class football. Contrary to what I thought in the beginning, now I believe Rafa must have really analysed the player before buying him.

Due to the lack of defensive cover, Liverpool are reportedly on the chase of Hull defender, Turner. I for one, do not know this player well. Is he a bargain? Hull are said to be wanting around 12M pounds for him, a valuation which Rafa is, as per different sources, refusing to meet. Moreover, Liverpool are said to be on the chase of Japanese playmaker Honda. It's the first time I've heard about this player. Is this just speculation or does it hold some truth? Liverpool have also concluded the sale of another player. Liverpool have sold winger Hammill to Barnsley for a six figure fee. The player said he's learned a lot at Liverpool FC but knew he would face a tough fight breaking in the first team. Leeds were also said to have been chasing the player.

Elsewhere, young Liverpool defender, Martin Kelly has been given the call up to the U20's England squad as his performances have been impressive. Glen Johnson and Gerrard have also been called up to boost Fabio Capello's England squad for a friendly on Wednesday.

Looks like Rafa is trying to further bolster the squad before the PL begins. This time round everyone knows Liverpool don't have the room for any mistakes. So let's sit back and see what happens on Sunday.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Alonso's departure, Aquilani and another pre-season win for Liverpool FC

Well my friends as you all must be aware, Liverpool agreed a fee with Real Madrid yesterday and Alonso flew to Spain for a medical. Terms were agreed and Alonso was finally sold to the Spanish giants after a hard fought battle. Even Madrid have to agree that it wasn't easy to capture Xabi Alonso from Liverpool. Any team would be reluctant to sell a player who is a member of the backbone of the team. Contracts have now become means for managers to increase their asking price for teams interested in their players. Liverpool were willing to sell Xabi at 18M pounds last season and have managed to sell him at 30M pounds this summer. Initially, Liverpool secured Alonso at 10.5M pounds on a 4 year deal from Real Sociedad.

Xabi quickly became a fan favourite thanks to his long range passes making him one of the very rare midfielders capable of doing that in modern football. He scored quite a number of goals for Liverpool including a couple of these goals from his own midfield. These have been moments of magic and amazement which every Liverpool fan would find hard to forget. For this reason, I am sad by his departure. But Liverpool could not have forbid the player to fulfill his own dreams. Alonso said he wanted new challenges, so, Rafa started to work hard to find the most suitable replacement as soon as he made his intent known.

And Rafa's effort brought him to Roma's 25 years ace, Alberto Aquilani. Liverpool FC lost no time in trying to conclude the deal. Yesterday Liverpool were given permission to speak to the player who has yet to undergo a medical at Melwood. If all goes well, Aquilani will then be a Liverpool player with a fee around 15M pounds reportedly having agreed by both parties. Here's what Rafa had to say about Alberto Aquilani:

"Roma have allowed us to talk with him, so that's good and positive. He is a player with the quality we are looking for," said Benitez.

"He can play a little bit higher than Javier Mascherano - maybe between him and Steven Gerrard.

"He has good passing - the final ball is good - and he also works. If he can settle down properly in England he can be a very good addition.

"I think the signing should excite the fans. He won the U19 European Championship with his country, and U21 too. He has some trophies - including the Italian Cup.

"I always remember one game - England versus Italy U21s at Wembley, and he was man of the match in a 3-0 win."


Moreover, Liverpool played their final away pre-season friendly match against FC Lyn yesterday and it was positive to see the Reds cruise to a 2-0 victory. The only worry of the match yesterday was to see Riera limp off the field after having twisted his ankle. He was sent on the pitch as a second half substitute. Liverpool FC now have three injury worries, notably Martin Skrtl, Daniel Agger and Riera becomes the newest addition to the list. Let's just hope all three players don't take too much time to get back on the turf.

Point to be noted that Alberto Aquilani currently has an ankle injury and will still be an injured player when Liverpool conclude his signing. The man is a promising young player and can do our midfield lots of good, so let's wish him good luck in his recovery. Looking forward to see him soon on the pitch playing some world class football and blowing away our minds.

Your views are mostly appreciated. Thanks to leave a few comments.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Will the turmoil at Liverpool FC ever end?

Hello dear readers. I have been absent for quite a while due to work restraints. Well, the departure of Alonso looks imminent and possible replacements for the man are cropping up like hell on the Internet. from all the possible players Liverpool are linked with, I find Alberto Acquilani the most probable signing. Liverpool are reported to have already approached Roma for the player and a fee of 15M pounds might have been agreed by both parties. But something is bothering me right now with the player: Acquilani is injured currently and if he signs he'll be an injured Liverpool player without even having touched the ball!

Now, the man might not regain his past form. I'm not being pessimistic. I'm just worried that the man reproduces another Degen. Degen has seen his days at Liverpool plagued by injuries. This pre-season he's been playing but from what i've heard, he's not been playing too well. Liverpool have also been linked with Standard Liege playmaker Defour. Real Madrid have as well expressed their interest in the player who's apparently keen to come Liverpool's way. Liege is reluctant to sell the player as he still has 1 year left on his contract. As far as I know, contracts have never stopped players from joining the clubs they want! If you have followed the Alonso saga you will agree with me.

Moreover, it's been discouraging to see a Liverpool loss vs Espanyol. Who would have thought we would lose 3-0. It might have been 3-0 or worse. The whole team didn't play well. I was so disgusted on that day. Even it's friendly, it shows the lack of form in the Liverpool squad. Rafa said the defeat didn't come down due to one or two players not playing well but the whole squad showing a lack of interest. It's always a mess when Liverpool lose although the match is friendly.

Well, let's hope for an improvement vs Atletico Madrid and hope for a win at White Hart Lane when the season kicks off. Your views are welcome.