Monday, July 13, 2009

Good news and bad news, it's time to follow the headlines carefully

This week once again carries some good news and some bad news as well. Bad news weigh more than good ones and it's time to worry. Alonso has finally came out and said aloud that he wants to leave Liverpool for Real Madrid. Madrid have as reported by many sources decreased their bidding price by 3M pounds. Rafa has been very clear when he has said that he doesn't want the player to go for silly money. That said Liverpool want in the region of 35M pounds for Alonso otherwise they are not going to sell. I don't know what rift there has been between the player and the manager. It's clear that if Alonso leaves, Liverpool are going to be affected by that.

The ex Real Zaragoza man was unknown by the football world before Rafa brought him into the light and allowed him to re-discover himself. I find it unfair that the man wants to repay the club and all those behind his success in this manner. Anyway we'll see what the next few weeks reveal about Alonso's future.

On the other hand, Liverpool have offered new contracts to duo Jay Spearing and Stephen Darby. The lads say they are delighted to stay. Both have impressed during their time in the reserves and now look forward to play a crucial part in Liverpool's success. Hopefully we'll see them grow into gems, and be proud of our homegrown players.

Another positive sign is Liverpool are willing to treble Mascherano's wages in an attempt to pursuade the player for a longer Anfield stay. It was reported that Mascherano's reason for wanting to leave LFC has been his wife who does not want to return from Argentina as she cannot adapt to the Liverpool lifestyle. She must however not forget that Liverpool have been strongly responsible for the riches she's nowadays enjoying. Most people earn in 10 years what Mascherano earns in a week!

Rafa has moreover declared that he will not make any big money signing, so, we might need to forget the likes of Ribery banging the ball in the opposing net next season! Let's have faith in Rafa. He's done what he has said when he joined Liverpool: Make the club challenge for the PL in 5 years' time. In my opinion he's done more than that. Who will ever forget Istanbul and the FA Cup final? This week pre-season friendlies kick off. So let's keep an eye on our promising youth as well as our regulars.

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