Monday, July 20, 2009

It's mindblowing when you follow Liverpool FC- latest news and reviews...

Hi fellow readers! I will start with the pre-season friendlies before talking about other issues. Well it's disappointing to see a Liverpool loss vs Rapid Vienna but there might be many positives to take out from this match. The young lads were thrown on the pitch and they made no mistake to show the crowd their skills. Daniel Ayala, Dani Pacheco, Nemeth and Spearing all impressed during the match. Here's what Rafa had to say:

"I don't like to talk too much about individuals but both players (Ayala and Pachecho) were doing well," said the boss.

"They're both young and when they come with the first team you always want to see something different. I am pleased for them and also with Jay Spearing because he played as a left full-back as we have some problems in this position at this moment."

Benitez added: "The other positives were to play a lot of players we wanted to play - it is all part of our preparations. We needed match fitness and we changed the majority of the players after 45 minutes - that was the idea.

"In terms of what we wanted from the game, only the result was wrong."

This could possibly mean that in a couple of years, if not this year, we can see these players transform into regular first teamers.

Now, another news which has crossed almost every sports website and news feed is the possible departure of Xabi Alonso to Real Madrid. It is clear that the player is flattered because it's not everyday that Real Madrid come for you. Alonso is a really good professional. See what he had to say when questioned about the Real Madrid affair:

“It is always a great feeling when Madrid want you, especially considering the phase of the career I am in now,” Alonso told a Spanish news agency last night. “But at this point, whether or not that can happen is not up to me. It’s a matter that involves three parties, including myself. I do not like to force the issue. I prefer to talk.

“Madrid’s project is certainly impressive. But beyond that, I cannot tell you anything else.”

Alonso, who was with the Reds in Austria yesterday, added: “I will talk to him (Rafa Benitez), sure, but I imagine that in the next few days, there will be time for all that, even though in reality, there is nothing in particular to talk to Rafa about. It’s the clubs who have to negotiate to reach an agreement.

“The truth is that I cannot say much, because every little thing can be misinterpreted. And I do not know how things will turn out either because I am not a fortune teller.”

Furthermore Rafa and Liverpool crew have landed in Bangkok to continue their preparations for the first match of the PL. Liverpool play their first match away to Tottenham and it is therefore crucial to be well prepared to kick off the PL campaign in style. Liverpool cannot afford to lose or draw this match because it's important to remember that other teams such as Chelsea and Man City have further strengthened their squad.

Rafa, Babel and Carra sat for the first press conference and they were given a warm welcome. But it was not long before the Alonso saga was again slammed on the table. Read what Rafa had to say:

"He is here with us and he will be available for the games," said Benitez. "The Spanish players and Dossena and Mascherano arrived back late because of the Confederations Cup and internationals, so they will probably not play as much as the other players."

"But are you planning to talk to him about the transfer speculation?" quizzed one local journalist. Benitez, though, familiar with not answering questions he doesn't want to, replied: "He is here with us this week, he can enjoy the games, the weather and the journalists."

Well, let's first and foremost hope that Xabi stays. In case he wants to leave let's wish this could be sorted out quickly so that Rafa can use the money to buy a high calibre replacement. We'll have to wait an see what happens during this week or the other.

Stay tuned as I will be bringing further updates right at your fingertips. Until then have a nice time. Cheers!

Sources: (Rafa on young players and press conference in Bangkok) and (Alonso response)

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