Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Will the turmoil at Liverpool FC ever end?

Hello dear readers. I have been absent for quite a while due to work restraints. Well, the departure of Alonso looks imminent and possible replacements for the man are cropping up like hell on the Internet. from all the possible players Liverpool are linked with, I find Alberto Acquilani the most probable signing. Liverpool are reported to have already approached Roma for the player and a fee of 15M pounds might have been agreed by both parties. But something is bothering me right now with the player: Acquilani is injured currently and if he signs he'll be an injured Liverpool player without even having touched the ball!

Now, the man might not regain his past form. I'm not being pessimistic. I'm just worried that the man reproduces another Degen. Degen has seen his days at Liverpool plagued by injuries. This pre-season he's been playing but from what i've heard, he's not been playing too well. Liverpool have also been linked with Standard Liege playmaker Defour. Real Madrid have as well expressed their interest in the player who's apparently keen to come Liverpool's way. Liege is reluctant to sell the player as he still has 1 year left on his contract. As far as I know, contracts have never stopped players from joining the clubs they want! If you have followed the Alonso saga you will agree with me.

Moreover, it's been discouraging to see a Liverpool loss vs Espanyol. Who would have thought we would lose 3-0. It might have been 3-0 or worse. The whole team didn't play well. I was so disgusted on that day. Even it's friendly, it shows the lack of form in the Liverpool squad. Rafa said the defeat didn't come down due to one or two players not playing well but the whole squad showing a lack of interest. It's always a mess when Liverpool lose although the match is friendly.

Well, let's hope for an improvement vs Atletico Madrid and hope for a win at White Hart Lane when the season kicks off. Your views are welcome.

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