Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The loss at Anfield after 2 years hasn't been an easy one to digest

Hello guys. I've been busy so I couldn't update just after the happenings of this past week. Well, surely Liverpool's first loss at Anfield after 2 years vs Aston Villa must have overshadowed the 4-0 Stoke devastation. I've been analysing the goals we've conceded since the start of the season. Most of you must have done the same too. We've conceded goals from free-kicks, corners and a penalty. What does this mean? In my point of view other teams have found the way to break us up. They get this foul near the edge of the penalty area and then manage to score. Here we are, we've conceded 3 goals in such situations and we've lost two out of our three opening matches. Three matches gone and three points in the bag. For me it's really devastating for a Liverpool supporter and for the club as well.

I wonder why we have a player like Lucas in our ranks. I simply don't understand what the Liverpool scouts saw in the guy to decide to bring him at Liverpool FC. I bet that Jay Spearing can do a better job than him on the pitch. I also don't comprehend why Rafa always puts him on the starting line-up. My logic doesn't permit me to believe that Rafa cannot see his mistakes on the pitch. Against Villa his performance was dreadful. I saw how me miss Xabi and his long range passes. His presence in Liverpool's midfield was something crucial. His strength, shots and ability will always be missed in the Liverpool squad. Let's not forget about Aquilani. The lad is injured at the moment. We will need to see the change he brings to Liverpool's midfield when he kicks his first ball.

However, I got a real feel good factor whenever I saw Glen Johnson touch the ball, control it, dribble and cross it. In fact, for me he was Liverpool's best player vs Aston Villa. Rafa has indeed done a great job by seizing the man from Portsmouth. From what I've seen, we have a big problem in the midfield with Lucas and at the back. Hopefully our new signing, Kyrgiakos would help resolve the issue of defending high balls at the back. As for the midfield, I am unable to figure out what needs to be done to get it running smoothly. I trust Rafa and the solution he might find out to get things running once more.

As a Liverpool fan I am a bit disappointed by the current Liverpool display. Before the season started I had great hopes that this could be our year. We must not forget how we came close to the holy grail last season. We lost only two matches during the last campaign. This time round it has only taken 3 matches for us to lose 2. I remember this saying but I forgot who said it. Here goes: You cannot win the league in 2 or 3 matches but you can certainly lose it. I am sure we will miss these points we've lost after half of this league is played.

That said, I do not know if Liverpool have the chance to win the PL this season. We will need to see at least 5 more performances to get an idea if Liverpool are improving or not. We certainly cannot drop more points. So, let's sit back and see the events unfold...

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