Thursday, August 27, 2009

Liverpool are still in the title race...

Well, as days passed after our defeat, I started to believe once again. Liverpool are still in the title challenge. Last season Man U lost 5 matches and still managed to win the PL. We've lost 2 matches now. It's true we are still in the race for the holy grail but we've definitely closed down the rooms for mistake. From now on if we manage to win 30 matches, we could look forward to be the champions at the end of the season. I'm ready to bet that it's each and every Liverpool supporter's dream to see Liverpool lift the Premier League. I'm also sure that most of us started this new campaign with Liverpool with great hopes. Let's stick with the team through thick and thin.

I'm pretty confident we can win the match at Bolton. Yesterday the draws for the CL took place and we got a rather difficult group. On the other hand, Man U obtained an easier group. That said, their qualification for the later stages of the CL isn't assured because in football you never know what can happen. We play our first match at Anfield on September 16th against that Hungarian team (I don't quite remember the name!). Then we'll move to Italy to play Fiorentina. I believe that Rafa can draw out the exact starting line-up (excluding Lucas) for every matches we have to play in the CL. Hence, we have a good chance there, but again, who knows!

So, we have a problem in our defence at the moment. How do we address that? Rafa has secured the Greek giant Sotiris Kyrgiakos's services. He will undeniably be able to take out the high balls and defend dangerous set pieces. I just want to see him play at Bolton to have an idea about the type of player he is. Now, i wonder why do we rarely score on free kicks and corners? Scoring on these occasions can really win us some crucial matches. Let's assume we score on the breach of half-time on a corner. The opponent is devastated before going into the dressing room. Their morale isn't the same. Hence Rafa needs to start teaching and encouraging the team to score goals on set pieces.

Next match up for us in the PL is Bolton at the Reebok stadium. I am sure we will put up a great performance tomorrow and hopefully win by more than a couple of goals. Liverpool are still a top side, so let's believe we can make it...

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