Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Liverpool FC vs Tottenham and some thoughts about this wonderful club called Liverpool FC...

Hello my dear readers! I was all beaten up on Saturday after having witnessed our first loss of the season. It's only the first match of the campaign and this loss is not too serious but i can't help but feel that this loss will affect our ranking though we might win loads of matches afterwards. Not to forget that other teams will lose or draw matches. This will eventually give Liverpool FC the room to approach its target if the team capitalises on others' mistakes. Last season Liverpool's first loss of the season came in November. Guess which team beat Liverpool....yes you are right it was Tottenham. Last time round Liverpool devastated Tottenham at White Hart Lane but succumbed to an unlucky loss. But this time round it was a different story.

Tottenham were playing good football and passing the ball around well. Keane tried to score but a fantastic Reina denied him almost every time until that unstoppable Ekotto shot flew past him. I don't understand why Liverpool always wait to be a goal down to start playing football. Can any of you enlighten me on this? Immediately after being a goal down Liverpool started to attack Tottenham. We even came close to scoring a goal. Let's note that both of the goals we've conceded have come from free kicks, an issue which has stayed unresolved since last season. Remember Arsenal and Chelsea last season? Now the bad news is that we lack defensive cover as Skrtl is reported to be out for at least 2 weeks with a cracked jaw. Agger is still out with his back injury. This leaves us with just Daniel Ayala to play in central midfield.

We all need to accept that the guy is still very young and will need lots of courage to be 100%. It's not too easy playing alongside Carragher. Any Liverpool defender will be able to tell you that. The man himself had once affirmed that at the back it's he who controls his defenders and always keeps talking and giving orders. Carra is a tough man and a really good professional and player as well. The way he gives everything for Liverpool speaks for itself. So, we'll see in the coming days who Rafa chooses to play at CB.

Moreover, reports are coming since this morning saying that the owners have told Rafa that only 1.5M pounds will be available to him. How come these Americans are called billionaires? They've undoubtedly thrown dust on everyone's eyes when they bought Liverpool. At that time I was so thrilled because I thought we would finally be able to compete with the likes of Chelsea and Man U in the transfer market. I thought we would get a brand new stadium in the coming years. I thought these Americans would exceed our expectations. HUH! Here we are, with nothing. Rafa needs to sell players to gather the fund to buy other players. It's a shame on these so called businessmen. They need to leave our prestigious Liverpool FC because they simply don't understand the value this club holds for many people around the globe. To understand a Red you need to be a Red, which they undoubtedly aren't. We really need to get another buyer.

So people, all of you might be having the same feeling as me as we've not kicked off our campaign well. Let's believe we can get onto a winning trend. I really hope we've not turned our draw habits into loss ones!! Don't get me wrong. I've been a die hard LFC fan for many many years and my only dream is to see Liverpool lift the Premier League title.

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