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Latest news surrounding Liverpool FC

When Torres signed for Liverpool, many people said he would be yet another Fernando to embrace the PL... Well, Fernando Torres proved everyone wrong. He scored a staggering 33 goals on his debut season for Liverpool and went on to become the fastest ever foreign player to score 50 goals for the club. The gone season has unfortunately been one where Torres has constantly been plagued by injuries. If it wasn't his ankle it was his knee. It was a pity because whenever he was present on the pitch he made no mistake to score. He scored around 21 goals in a season where he saw the hospital bed more than the pitch. He's brilliant, isn't he?

Everyone knows that the gone season has been disastrous for Liverpool FC. Financial issues and backroom unrest meant the club face a tough time. And prized assets such as Torres and Gerrard have constantly been linked with moves away from the club. While Gerrard has affirmed that he will be only concentrating on the World Cup and not his Liverpool career for now, Torres has re-iterated his desire to continue playing for the club. It's a definite boost for all Liverpool fans. Torres's agent, Jose Antonio Peton confirmed:

"For the moment, I can assure fans that Fernando will continue at Liverpool next season. Everything is down to Liverpool's attitude but, for the time being, Fernando is happy at the club and has a good contract.

"Liverpool have not spoken to us about his future, so he is just concentrating on playing at the World Cup."

Reina who is together with Torres at Spain's pre-World Cup training camp had to say: "I am calm about Fernando. I spoke to him about his future and he has told me that he intends to continue with us (Liverpool)."

"Fernando suffered so many blows last season, but he is a professional and has always wanted to do well for us. That is what he remains -- committed to this club."

Elsewhere, it is being reported that Liverpool's Brazilian defender, Fabio Aurelio, will leave the club this summer after having rejected a pay-as-you-play deal. Aurelio who is out of contract next month has been overwhelmed by injuries preventing him from being part of the line-up practically all season long.

Benitez said: "Fabio's contract is nearly finished and he is going to leave us. We had been trying to work something out with regards an extension but it was a pity that we couldn't."

Really, it would be a pity to see this man leave. In my opinion, he was way better than Insua, but let's not forget that the latter is still very young and can turn out to be the man for us.
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The ex Liverpool owner, David Moores says he regrets having sold the club to Americans Hicks and Gillett. He has called for the American pair to assume their responsibilities in Liverpool's current financial breakdown and sell the club.

In a letter to The Times, Moores insists he sold Liverpool to the current American owners in good faith, after the men gave assurances that Liverpool will be able to cope better financially. Nonetheless, he accepts "honest mistakes" were made although acting "in the best interests of the club." David Moores, who is a lifelong Liverpool fan admits he "hugely regrets selling the club" to the pair.

The letter sent by Moores mentioned that the offer "was laid out in unambiguous terms ... the document pledged there would be no debt placed upon the club, and significant funds would be made available for investment in the squad and the new stadium".

He added: "I call upon them to stand back, accept their role in the club's current demise, and stand aside with dignity."

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