Thursday, May 20, 2010

Forget the past, Liverpool will be a success...

It's my first post since I don't know when and I apologise for having been absent for so long. So here I am, ready to bounce back on what has been a disastrous season for Liverpool FC after a long long time. Things, as you all know, seem to deteriorate at Anfield as no real prospective buyers have shown up till date. The summer is on the threshold and the purchase of a couple of quality players is primordial to bolster the squad.

Both Gerrard and Torres had come forward stating that Liverpool need to buy quality to launch a genuine assault on the Premier League title. But the big question is, where is the money going to come from? The manager needs to sell to buy. I will not mention names but be assured that we are going to see some names disappear from the sheets this summer. The World Cup is approaching quickly and doing business will be tougher, of course, unless you have a bottomless pit of money.

Lots of rumours have put Gerrard's and Torres's futures in doubt. In my opinion, these players will not leave the club. Gerrard is Liverpool through and through and I am sure he won't give up the fight. As for Torres, I know he has Liverpool in his heart and the fans love him too much, so again, it will be difficult for him to move on. Let's remain positive. Ok we are out of the CL for a season, so what? We now have the opportunity to concentrate better on the PL. Hopefully, the FA Cup and League Cup will prove to be a golden opportunity to blood our promising youngsters. And if all goes well, we'll be back stronger in the CL the following season. It's not simple as that. All we need is consistency and positive thinking from the team. When you think positively, positive things happen, so it all makes sense to work hard and keep on believing.

We have so many promising youngsters and the numbers are increasing with the addition of Shelvey and also the imminent arrival of Wilson from Rangers. Add players like Pacheco, Ayala, Amoo, Eccleston, Darby, Spearing, Dalla Valle and Kacanicklic to the equation and we have a very bright prospect. We have to use these guys in the cups next season. All of them have immense potential and could prove to be golden for Liverpool FC. All I want is for Rafa to give them the room to demonstrate what they can do.

I think with this season, Rafa can learn from his mistakes and hopefully doesn't commit them again in the coming season. At times we played brilliant football but our inconsistency brought us to mid-table, thanks god above Everton! Anyway, hopefully next season Rafa will not play players out of position and let the whole squad fully express themselves on the pitch. We need to attack, attack and attack. As the saying goes, "attack is the best defense". It must surely have been a wise man who had thought enough to come up with this.

So, let's all get behind the team. I am sure most people working at Anfield have the best interests of the club at heart. People are working to get these problems sorted out. When you have an idea and know where to go, no matter what happens one day you'll end up being there. Move towards your goal and forget about the rest, because it will be taken care of. We accept it or not, there is a greater force than all of us out there which make things happen. I believe we have no other way but to be successful because we are the mighty Reds, we are Liverpool FC.

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