Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Liverpool 0-0 Stoke, a frustrating game for reds fans

Liverpool vs Stoke City had undoubtedly been the most frustrating match for reds supporters around the globe. I for one still cannot understand why Steven Gerrard's goal was refused. As from 2 minutes into the game I started to celebrate but my joy wasn't going to last. The goal was cruelly refused and the scoreboard sadly read 0-0. From start to finish, Liverpool dominated the game but it wasn't going to be. Inaccurate crosses mixed with shots going begging into the crowd, Liverpool had close to 30 occasions to score but simply couldn't. It was evident that Fernando Torres hasn't hit his form yet. Stoke were defending all the way until the last minute and created only a couple of chances throughout the game. Liverpool tried really hard, but on this day, it seemed to me that it was impossible to score.

After beating Man U, Liverpool had to build on this game and gather points by bagging the so called 'small matches'. It was a bad result for us and it certainly seemed like a victory for Stoke. Full credit to them, they defended well. Nonetheless, we are still in a good position in the league with Man U already playing catch up. Man U's 1-1 draw with Chelsea could not have been better placed. We now stand 3rd in the table behind Chelsea and Arsenal after 5 matches played and 11 points in hand. Not bad, really, but we should have been clearly on top with 13 points.

Liverpool have to concentrate on winning. Beating the less important teams will bear its fruit at the end of the season. Do I have to mention the significance of beating the other big 3? With enough points gathered by beating the small teams, Liverpool could be on for the holy grail after 18 years of abstinence.

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