Thursday, September 25, 2008

Can we witness a bright future at Liverpool FC?

The season, in my opinion has started brightly for Liverpool FC. Though, poor performances Liverpool have managed to grind out results, which, a season back, had been a lacking in Benitez's side. Some had even called this as winning ugly. Some matches under their belt, Liverpool FC have started to progress slowly, confirming their will to make a serious challenge after beating Man U at Anfield. Undoubtedly, this had been a great day for all Reds fans around the globe. The euphoria of triumphing over Man U at Anfield was finally found and people were already talking about winning the League.

Forward one week after the Man U game and you'll be frustrated to see a boring 0-0 full time score at Anfield against Stoke City. Now people were talking about sacking Benitez and Liverpool's lack of firepower. How come minds change like that? This does not apply to all LFC fans but a handful ones, whom I agree have lost the patience. It is understandable. Every Liverpool supporter want the EPL to come back home. Even, I sometimes lose patience, but i keep saying, Rafa is the man. He certainly knows what he's doing.

If you cast a glance back in time, you would see how Rafa has improved the squad. We now have Torres, Babel, Agger, Skrtel, Aurelio, Benayoun, Mascherano, Keane, Reina, Riera, etc compared to Smicer, Cheyrou, Pongolle, Biscan, Traore, Heskey, etc. Clearly the team Rafa has now assembled and organised is a more capable one. The breed of youngsters that he's brought speak for themselves. Champions of the Reserve League North twice in a row does not happen by fluke. The emergence of some really promising talents such as Pachecho, Bruna, El Zhar, Plessis and Nemeth among many others will certainly be ready for full team action after they gain more maturity.

I for one, can see a bright future at Anfield in the coming years. We will be producing our own talents regardless of the fact that we can or cannot compete against the likes of Man U, Chelsea and the new born giant Manchester City in the transfer market. On the other hand, I really do hope that someone with good intentions for Liverpool FC, unlike the Yanks, will come forth with an interesting bid to buy our beloved club. More years ahead, the face of football would have already changed and I fear that we struggle to shrug off competition to capture the players we want.

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