Friday, November 7, 2008

Tottenham 2-1 Liverpool, an unlucky loss

I would never have imagined to come here and write about a Liverpool loss against a Tottenham side that we dominated in most parts of the game. As from the first half, the scoreline must have read 3 or 4 nil in the favour of Liverpool FC. The balls which went off the bar and the own goal by Jamie Carragher were all signs that Liverpool were unlucky. And Tottenham used our bad luck to form their own luck as Pavyluchenko made it 2-1 in the dying seconds of the match.

Even Rafa was clearly disappointed by this Liverpool loss. He himself stated that it could have been 4-0. But this is football. Many teams had been caught against us, as we found the winner in the late stages of the game. Man U, Manchester City and Middlesbrough were all victims of a late Liverpool comeback. Similarly, we were victims of a late comeback by Tottenham.

Seen the way Liverpool are currently playing their football, every Liverpool supporter will talk about how proud he is of his team. It's been a long time since Liverpool have shown the character they are now showing. Not to forget, Torres is still injured and yet Liverpool have managed to win their matches before this loss. Certainly, confidence is high at Anfield. Rafa is doing a great job and once again Riera has been a precious buy.

Next up is Atletico Madrid at Anfield. With a bit of luck and the never say die attitude, I am pretty sure Liverpool will get back to their winning ways.

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